Stop Throwing Away Empty Toilet Rolls. Here Are 9 Amazing Uses For Them.

Are you looking for your next big do-it-yourself project? Have a whole lot of excess toilet paper rolls sitting in your recycling bin? If you’ve answered ‘yes’ to both of these questions, there’s reason for you to keep reading what’s to come below! Because, maybe we can help you come up with useful ways to reuse that toilet paper. Yes, we’re all about repurposing.

You will always have empty toilet paper rolls sitting in that recycling bin. Instead of actually making the waste, why not use them to make a couple of neat and handy gadgets around the house? If you’re looking to get a bit fancy with some cardboard, then keep reading because here are 9 ways you can easily reuse toilet paper rolls!

1. Have kids? Make a toy garage.

This has to be one of the handiest tips for all the moms out there—especially those who’s tots love those mini Nascar collectables. Use toilet paper rolls to store those toy car neat and clean somewhere in the house!

2. Use it as a seed starter.

Recycled toilet rolls are perfect to start planting in. Fill them up with soil and throw in those seeds—you’ve got the perfect planter for the garden.

3. Create your own pen holder.

This one is perfect to spruce up your study. Spray paint the toilet paper rolls with a color of your choice and simply stick them together using some glue. Then take a whole piece of cardboard and stick it to the bottom of your holder for support.

4. Ideal bird feeder. 

This one may have you thinking, but it’s really quite simple and the birds will love it! Smear peanut butter around the roll and cover it with bird seeds. Hang them from a branch and watch the birds feeds off the feeder.
5. Cable Organizer

Roll up the cables and neatly tuck them into the roll. Add some decorative pieces to the rolls to make the look more presentable.

6. Are you a knitter? Use them to organize your yarn. 

To avoid mixing up the colors, and having loose yarn, simply roll it around the roll for easy storage.

7. Scarf Organizer

You can have a whole lotta scarves come winter time, so where/how to store them in the warmer seasons? Simply fold them up and slip them into the toilet paper rolls. They will also fit a whole lot of scarves into an empty drawer. Super sufficient!

8. Store wrapping paper 

Once you open up wrapping paper, it’s tough to get it stay rolled up. Take a toilet paper roll and clip it around the center of the wrapping paper. This will 100% keep it from unraveling.

9. Make a neat gift box.

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