Strange things that confuse people because of how they look and what they’re for.

The world can be puzzling when things aren’t what they appear to be. Every day, people discover things they can’t identify and seek help online to figure out what they are.

In our world, there are things meant for certain jobs. We usually understand how to use them. However, a few items might need explaining because they’re unfamiliar or don’t seem to match their actual purpose.

  1. Purchase at a Brass Garage Sale

Someone posted a picture, saying their dad got these brass items at a garage sale. The things were solid but empty inside. They and their dad had no idea what it was.

Answer: Many people who saw the post identified the objects as Mexican stirrups known as “tapaderos,” commonly used by cowboys in the Southern United States.

  1. Grandpa’s Little Picker
    While cleaning their grandfather’s closet, someone discovered a small gadget with three claws that could open and close. It had a royal blue top with three crowns on it. They didn’t know what it was and asked online if anyone had any ideas.

Answer: Despite some joking comments, a few people explained that it was used to grab small things like sugar cubes, ice cubes, or take out olives and pickles from jars.

  1. Weird Wooden Knob

A Reddit user shared a story about their friend getting a peculiar wooden knob with spikes at the bottom as a wedding gift. The person who gave it wouldn’t reveal its purpose.

Answer: The user later found out it’s meant for holding cheese while cutting, so you don’t have to touch it directly. However, the mystery lingered about why the gift giver kept it a secret from the friend.

  1. Internet Shopping Puzzle

Someone who bought cookies from an online fundraising shop was surprised to find two unusual items in the box. Despite emailing the company for an explanation and not getting a response, they sought help online.

Answer: A commenter suggested that they might be a funny gift. You’re supposed to wear the nude part around your ear so the white part sticks out, making it look like a Q-tip is poking out of your ear.

  1. Austria Discovery

A person exploring Innsbruck, Austria, came across an odd object on the road and asked for help in identifying it.

Answer: People online explained that it was a bollard used for indicating direction in Austria, and these could be found all over the country.

  1. New Home Gift Puzzle

Someone received a peculiar housewarming gift – a half-marble, half-wood item with two small dips and a tiny silver spoon. They turned to the internet to figure out its use.

Answer: People online identified it as a salt and pepper dip pot. The person who received it had guessed it might be for salt and pepper but was unsure due to its shallow design.

  1. Freebie from Grocery Shopping

Someone was going through the groceries they bought when they found an odd item given as a free gift. They asked for help to understand what it was.

Answer: The peculiar green item with a handle and a small sharp hook, as identified by netizens, turned out to be a tool for peeling oranges.

  1. Metal Tube Discovery

Someone on Reddit found a hollow, open-ended tube with an ornament in an elderly woman’s jewelry box. The poster thought it might be made of tin.

Answer: The original poster mentioned it seemed like tin, and a commenter explained that it’s used to hold a scarf without tying it. You can thread both ends of the scarf through the tube and pull it up to keep it snug around your neck.

  1. Grandma’s Strange Marble

A grandkid found a small, egg-shaped marble at their grandparents’ place that could stand on its own and fit in a hand. They were puzzled about what it was.

Answer: Later on, the grandchild asked their grandmother, who revealed it was a paperweight she had purchased some time ago and placed in their home.

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