Struggling Mom Gives Up 3-Year-Old Son Only To Learn He’s Still Up For Adoption 7 Years Later

Kris Smith was 21 when she made the decision to place her 3-year-old son, Matthew, for adoption. At the time, Kris had no job and was living out of a car. She knew this was no life for a child, so she wanted to give him the opportunity for a better life.

This was a grief Kris knew firsthand. As a child, she was shuffled from foster home to foster home. She became pregnant on the streets when she was still a kid herself.

After giving Matthew up for adoption, Kris remained homeless for several years. One day, she realized she wanted to fight for her life. She walked into a Wendy’s restaurant and got a job on the spot.

Kris began to turn her life around. She got an apartment, built up a circle of friends and fell in love with a man whom she married.

Kris’ husband had kids of his own, and seeing his love for them gave her the courage to call social services. She wanted to find out about her biological son, Matthew.

Amazingly, Matthew’s case worker happened to be standing right next to the woman on the phone with Kris. “By the grace of God, she was there,” Kris said. “Just at the identical time that I called. It was a miracle.”

Seven years had passed since Kris said goodbye to Matthew. All this time, she had assumed Matthew found a loving adoptive home — but instead, she learned a shocking truth.

Matthew was living in an institution. He had never been adopted.

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