Few have sung this classic like Elvis – but now watch Susan Boyle come pretty close

Susan Boyle’s breathtaking voice has not gone unnoticed the past few years. Ever since she stunned the jury and the entire UK on popular TV-show Britain’s Got Talent, the 56-year-old songstress has taken the world by storm. Her beautiful performances often leave us amazed and emotional.

One performance that really touched me was her rendition of a classic song sung by the late Elvis Presley, “Unchained Melody.” The song was actually written by The Righteous Brothers and has been interpreted various times by many singers.

I think many associate the song to Elvis as it was performed by the King only weeks before he passed away.

If anyone can take on such a major song, sung by some of the greatest, it would be none other than Susan Boyle. Her smooth and beautiful voice evoke a combined feeling of serenity and passion. The song’s brilliance only imprives the more you listen to it and as second after second more instruments from the orchestra add on. Listen for yourself and enjoy.

What a wonderful interpretation by Susan Boyle. If this song was as moving to you as it was to us, then please share this article. 

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