Take no one for granted, Cherish every moment of life

 Cherish every moment and every person in your life, because you never know when it will be the last time you see someone. Life is fragile. Take nothing and no one for granted.

Life is precious let’s be kind to each other unite with every race color creed be generous be caring be helpful to everyone especially children they’re very innocent they need to love other adults of parents of ants uncles cousins siblings this one this world needs a lot of prayers and love in GOD precious name I pray for a big change for our country and well-being amen🙏🏻

Sometimes people, (Especially) family, make it very difficult To love them and sometimes Love has to be from afar.

Cherish and embrace every moment in every day never take it for granted you never no what tomorrow will be amen. Don’t take for granted you Will have another day with some one you love, Doesn’t always work out that way Ameen.

It’s been a very rough year but I praise Good lord for watching over me and my family and friends also for strength and of course family is everything Amen 🙏🏾 

Cherish and love before you see yourself left behind. It’s heart breaking. Spend time with family and friends. That’s what matters most. And be thankful for having them. 🙏🤗