Talking to yourself, Get the best Answers


 It’s OK to talk to yourself it’s even 0K to answer yourself..,But when you ask yourself to repeat what you just said – you have a problem!

I talk to myself, answer myself and sometimes have to type at my self. And sometimes  forget what I just told myself. Or what’s worse, argue with yourself and lose the argument!

I can hold a conversation with myself and still not get the answers I want 🙃 

It is ok to talk to yourself because, “SOMETIMES WE NEED EXPERT ADVICE” 

We never have any problem with talking to ourselves or even arguing, but sometimes I do forget what I was arguing about. I usually  win the argument.🤣

I like fighting with myself. I always win. 😆 🤣 Talking to yourself it’s how you get the best answers.

I will remember that next time I go out side to talk to myself. 

It’s ok to talk to yourself.  It’s ok to argue with yourself.  However, if you lose those arguments, you have a problem.

I talk to myself because I am the smartest person I know. 😉