Teacher Sent Letters To All Her Students After A Parent Told Her This During A Conference

It is time to send our kids back to school and this is definitely a bittersweet moment for many parents. While some parents find it to be a relief, there are others who find it sad. This is also a time to remember that teachers are the true heroes of our society and that they deserve all the same recognition that is typically given to athletes and rock stars.

One special teacher understands the power of her own words and she offered a special message to all of her students. When she found out the reason why one of her students was going to be taking an extended absence from school, she decided to share her feelings with everyone. The story is taken from one of the many parent/teacher conferences that she has attended.

One mother’s daughter missed school for an extended period of time because she had attempted suicide and was saved by the police while she was in the actual process of doing so. If not for a Safe 2 Tell report, her daughter would have been lost forever. She was very much ready to leave this world behind and she had even written a goodbye note to everyone

The teacher and the mother shared a very somber moment together and tears began to roll down both of their faces. The mother was then asked if the teacher could write a letter to be delivered to the daughter while she was resting at the hospital. The daughter was stunned when she received the note and was genuinely surprised that anyone would ever have nice things to say about her.

These events made the teacher realize that she could lose another student at any time and so she set about the task of writing a card to each and every student, letting them know that she appreciated how special and unique they are. Each card was completely personalized and this is one teacher who recognizes the importance of embracing students.

We live in a world where too much pressure is placed on students and this causes us to lose sight of their happiness. Fellow students also need to remember that name calling is very hurtful and that seemingly innocent remarks can leave deep wounds that are slow to heal. Please take a moment to remember the importance of kindness before you make another nasty comment and share this story with your friends and loved ones today.

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