Teen buys 170 flowers to give every girl at his school a Valentine after seeing them upset

Valentine’s Day can be a tricky one to navigate for any young person. Expectation, pressure and nerves are all often associated with February 14, especially for those in high school.

Emotions usually run high on Valentine’s Day, with young lovers all over the world affirming their affections by gifting flowers, presents and cards. For others, of course, it’s not so easy; some people are left, frankly, heartbroken.

At one school in Texas, however, that wasn’t the case, at least not for the female students. As per CNN, one boy decided he didn’t want any member of the opposite sex to feel left out, so he bought every single one of them a flower.

This is so all unreal to us!!!! My messages have blown up!! What an amazing feeling to know that Jayme has touched…

Gepostet von Amy Kathryn Gordon am Sonntag, 16. Februar 2020

Jayme Wooley is a sophomore at Axtell High School near Waco, Texas, and he got the idea for a mass gift-giving after seeing girl’s go without last year.

Speaking to CNN, Wooley said: “Over the past couple of years that I’ve been at Axtell, not all of the girls were able to get flowers and stuff. Sometimes, it’d just be a secret admirer or popular girls. It felt heartbreaking knowing that not every girl was feeling special.”

Jayme just got off the phone with CNN !!!! Omg Ellen DeGeneres were waiting on yours 😂😂 in all seriousness this is Absolutely Amazing!! I am so very proud of my son!!

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With the help of his mom, Wooley purchased no less than 170 flowers to hand out. He proceeded to give one to each and every girl from sixth to 12th grade on Friday, February 14.

The boy’s mom, Amy Gordon, said: “He’s always been that type of kid. It made me very happy that he was thinking about others and how he’s thinking about everybody and not just one girl.”

When your 15 almost 16 year old tells you he wants to buy EVERY girl a flower at school tomorrow so they feel SPECIAL you make it happen!!! ❤❤❤ Proud to be HIS MOMMA!!!! 170 Flowers for 6th-12th Grade!!!

Gepostet von Amy Kathryn Gordon am Donnerstag, 13. Februar 2020

Unsurprisingly, Wooley’s gesture was a big hit on social media. Comments and interactions poured in, with many quick to praise the act.

“We’ve gotten several messages from older women around their 30s and 40s saying thank you and that Jayme’s their hero because they were that girl that never received a flower,” Gordon explained.

Wooley himself has stated his intention to make it an annual thing. He hopes to do the same next year.

“I’ll probably never forget that moment of just seeing their faces brighten up,” Wooley said. “I don’t want anybody to feel less important than anyone else.”

Wow, what an amazing gesture, and one that surely won’t be forgotten anytime soon.

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