Teen who made bowties to help animals get adopted is now making face masks for health workers fighting coronavirus

You may recognize Darius Brown‘s name. The 13-year-old made headlines last year for sewing bow ties to help shelter animals look so cute that their chances of being adopted were improved.

Well, it seems that Brown’s compassion doesn’t just extend to helping animals; he’s now turned his attentions to making masks for health workers on the frontline of the battle against coronavirus.

The teen posted to his Instagram page to tell the world about his shift in focus, wearing a mask he’d sewn himself.

He wrote: “I hope everyone is safe & healthy and staying home during this crisis we are facing. Today I am working on creating surgical masks to donate since the hospitals have a shortage on masks. This first one came out great. Let’s all work together, help out where we can, and especially practice social distancing so we can all get through this pandemic. In the midst of this storm remember to smile and STAY PAW-SOME!!!!

As per Better Homes and Gardens, the 13-year-old has been creating masks for health care workers using fabric donated to his Beaux and Paws project, which aims to help shelter animals get adopted. As of earlier this month, he’d made at least 75 masks.

Speaking to the New York Post, he said that his mother has arranged to send the masks he makes to New York state and local hospitals closer to his home in Newark, New Jersey.

“I was getting so many comments on Instagram saying, ‘Darius, you should start making masks for people,’” he explained.

He is currently focusing his efforts on making donations, though has plans to make some available for others to buy soon.

I felt so bad because I was supposed to visit 6 animal shelters in 3 states this week during my spring break (PAW-SOME Mission) but because of the pandemic, everything is postponed until the summer hopefully if this is all over. I’m happy that I’m able to use my skills to help those on the front line. I have received an overwhelming amount of requests to purchase masks. I’m working on donations this week. I will try my best to have some made by next week for purchase, he wrote.

Wow! Thank you, Darius Brown, what a great heart you truly have. Your family must be so proud of you. I know I certainly am!

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