Teenager establishes cafe after graduating from high school but is devastated when no customers arrive.

A common shared experience is having a dream that remains unfulfilled.

Possibly, we envisioned a scenario unfolding differently or believed we’d be working in a different profession than we currently are.

Maybe we had our hopes pinned on a particular romantic relationship that, for various reasons, didn’t work out.

A student hailing from South Australia has experienced the harsh reality that life doesn’t always unfold as expected or desired, which is a somber aspect of our journey.

With courage, he embarked on the venture of launching his own cafe, only to be crushed by the absence of any customers.

An 18-year-old named Tom Oswald, hailing from South Australia, supposedly harbored ambitions of veering away from the conventional post-high school paths.

Instead of pursuing further education, Oswald opted to take a risk and believed he was temporarily done with it. He did so by establishing a small cafe in the town of Handorf, situated to the southeast of Adelaide.

By all reports, the young adult poured immense effort, dedication, financial resources, and passion into this venture, crafting a charming small enterprise that he eagerly anticipated opening to the public. However, when Tom finally opened his business, to his dismay, there wasn’t a single customer in sight. He turned to TikTok to express this heart-wrenching encounter in a video that has since gained widespread attention.

Tom, on the other hand, was reportedly deeply upset when he inaugurated his store, only to discover an absence of customers. He turned to TikTok, where he posted a video about this distressing incident that has since gained widespread attention.

Tom’s heartfelt admission has been viewed by over two million individuals, and he has garnered a substantial online following, with many eager to offer their support.

One user expressed, “This truly saddens me. Please share the location so I can visit.”

Another person chimed in, saying, “I’m even looking into flights just to come and show my support for this cafe.”

A third commenter mentioned, “Our group plans to visit Hahndorf in a couple of weeks, and we’ll definitely stop by for some coffee.”

You can view Tom’s TikTok video here, or watch it below:


Tom shared that he had dedicated two years of his life to working at a different cafe to acquire the necessary experience for running his own establishment. He recognized that there was room for improvement in his coffee-making abilities but emphasized his ongoing commitment to honing those skills.

“I’m 18 years old, just graduated from high school, and currently on my gap year. This project is my sole focus,” the teenager conveyed to News Corp.

“I’m either inside the shop, diligently working, or I’m outside, constantly seeking ways to enhance the business,” he added.

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