The 11 years old gets a wonderful surprise while cleaning the beach with friends—you won’t believe what it is!

Have you ever discovered something enjoyable to do while hiking a mountain trail or walking on the beach? A beautiful seashell, a tree with a distinctive shape, or a stone? While working with his friends to clean the beach, this young boy was in for a big surprise.

He could not believe what he saw when he picked up the strange stone. To view additional images, make sure to read the entire story.

When Serina, A Taiwanese student, was having fun with her friends on Ishigaki Island, she took a diving lesson. She had a waterproof camera with a separate protective cover to stop water droplets from entering the circuits.

One of her companions was having trouble with her oxygen tanks as Serina descended into the depths, so she rushed to her aid. Serina realized that she had misplaced her priceless camera in the water’s depths after assisting her friend. However, compared to her friend’s fitness and health, that was nothing.

As a class project after a few months, some students cleaned the beach. An 11 years old student was exploring the beach and picking up food scraps and trash when he discovered a strange rock in the sand.

After initially assuming that the device had been destroyed, they were pleasantly surprised to discover that it continued to function at the school. After that, they looked at the pictures to figure out who owned the device so it could be recovered.

Additionally, the battery percentage was acceptable. It somehow performed admirably in the water. The teacher and the students were drawn to Serina’s underwater photos, which she then shared online. What’s this? When the post appeared on Serina’s news feed the following day, she contacted the boys who had discovered her camera.

Even though some of the kids wanted to keep the camera in line with the cliche of “finders” Professor Lee said that even though it was rude to look at someone’s private photos, they were done for a good reason and had to be given to the owner again.

Serina travels to Taiwan from Japan to express her gratitude to the children and obtain the camera. She was surprised to see the pictures when the professor sent them to her via email. What a thrilling tale, isn’t it? The camera traveled more than 200 kilometers to a safe shore thanks to the waves. Share this story with your friends and family!