The 24-year-old posts this half-naked photo of herself and her husband on the internet. What’s hanging from her body inspires the whole world.

Jordan Kirkham has had an incredible journey. Throughout her life, the mother of two has struggled with her weight and ultimately fell into a vicious circle. The more unhappy she became, the more she would eat. At her heaviest she weighed a staggering 300 lbs. And she was only 22 years old at the time.

Not only did her weight have psychological effects on her, but her body was also suffering from the excess pounds. Jordan had respiratory problems, her joints hurt and even simple things like getting up in the morning took up to half an hour.

In January 2015, she had had enough and decided to completely change her life. Jordan started doing exercise and eating healthily — and before long, she was getting results.

Jordan was so unbelievably happy when her husband picked her up for the first time. She was so overwhelmed that she began to cry. Since she was a child, that hasn’t been possible. But there were also other effects…

annnnd POOF my kangaroo pouch is hidden. I finally fit into these jeans and they hide my excess skin so perfect! ❤️

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After shedding 140 lbs, Jordan had a lot of excess skin hanging from her body. When she uploaded this photo with her husband on Instagram, it went all over the world. Jordan wore her excess skin proudly though, “That’s a pretty big non-scale victory so I wanted to post it,” said Jordan.

The photo spread like wildfire, reaching tens of thousands of fans who were impressed with how open and honest Jordan was by sharing the side effects of her immense weight loss. The skin hangs from her stomach, her arms and thighs and weighs almost 20 lbs. For Jordan, it’ a reminder of how heavy she once was. Once she reaches her ideal weight of 130 – 140 lbs, she wants to have the excess skin removed. But until then, she is fine with the flaws in her body: “I’d rather hold onto this 15 to 20 pounds of extra skin rather than having hundreds of extra pounds of fat on my body,” she said. “It’s OK to have flaws. Mine right now is my loose skin.”

And even if some days are tougher than others, she is happy and likes to look in the mirror. “I’m so proud of myself for how far I’ve come and the dedication that I’ve put in. I love my body that I’m in. I love myself. Now I don’t hide from mirrors or try and run past them so I don’t see myself.”

We wish Jordan the best of luck in her life. She really has undergone an admirable transformation and is sure to reach her goal soon.

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