The 36-year-old was invited to the 20-year reunion. But what she posts to her classmates on Facebook, moves the entire nation.

Annica was surprised to find that she was invited to her 20-year class reunion. While most have fond memories of their high school days, Annica only has painful ones. She wasn’t sure if she could face her bullies even 20 years later, but she wrote this letter and then shared it with them all.

Dear Class 9C,

Thank you for the invitation to the 20th anniversary.

I can’t believe it’s been so long since we finished high school. Sometimes, it still feels like yesterday. What fun that you can look back on those years with such great memories.

For me it was the darkest period of my life.

You may remember that I changed my class in the eighth grade? It was to get rid of that sudden silence which occurred when I walked by in the hallway, the mocking laughter behind my back, and the cold stares in the classrooms. A few of you in this class were primarily responsible for the bullying.

The funny thing about bullying is that it never really goes away. Even after twenty years. I can still hear that little voice in my head that tells me I’m useless, even though I logically know that it is not true.

But, I’m sure you’re good people today. Some of you might even have children. In that case, I hope they don’t have to wake up with a big lump in their stomach every morning as they’re going to school. Because no one deserves that.

P.S. Instead of putting money into a trip to Stockholm and the reunion, I have donated $250 to (anti-bullying organization) Friends.”

It takes a lot to stand up to your bullies. Kudos to Annica for doing it so elegantly!


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