The Couple at the Place of Worship

The couple sat through a long church sermon, and the woman eventually succumbed to tiredness, falling asleep. Observing this, her husband attempted to awaken her with a gentle nudge. It was at this moment that the priest posed a question to the congregation.

Following that, the priest asked about the assembly that had guided the Israelites to their liberation from Egyptian bondage. The wife, suddenly awakened from her sleep, cried out, “The Almighty!” before drifting back into slumber.

Subsequently, when asked about the individual who had made a sacrifice for the remission of their transgressions, she confidently stated, “Jesus Christ!” Despite her husband’s unexpected nudge, which came as no surprise, the woman remained in a drowsy state throughout the sermon. Her husband tried once more to awaken her when the priest posed another question.

The priest inquired, “What did Eve say to Adam after their last child was born?” Annoyed, she retorted, “I promise, if you touch me with that once more, I’ll break it in half.” Meanwhile, a close friend revealed a major hidden truth about Jerry Springer after his death, and Cher divorced her 40-year-old partner just five months after they exchanged a diamond engagement ring.

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