The elderly woman is kicked out of the restaurant by the manager, but the manager later discovers who she really is.

For many years, this woman went to the same restaurant every week. She made it a point to order the daily special every day and it was the highlight of her day.

However, one day, this man abruptly kicked her out of the restaurant. Because he experienced the greatest shock of his life when he discovered the identity of the elderly woman.
He quickly began to feel guilty about his actions.


Every day, this 88-year-old went to the same restaurant. She lived by herself and consumed the daily sacrifice each day. She knew every member of the staff, and as she ate, they all talked to her. This was the trip she had been waiting for.

However, the last time she was in the restaurant, she behaved suspiciously! During dinner, she was anxious and did not want to talk to the staff as usual.

She left without paying, which added insult to injury. However, she noticed a strange surprise as the waiter cleared the table!


The staff noticed that the woman was unwell and inquired about her condition. The woman owed them money, so they decided not to pursue her.

The fee could be paid later because she was a regular visitor.

The woman has been coming to their restaurant on a regular basis for the past 30 years. Every time, at the same time, at the same table by the window.

Everyone thought something odd was going on because she was well-known among the workforce. But what exactly was it?


Bea didn’t always go out to eat by herself. Bea and her husband were the first to arrive. Her husband adored the modest and reasonably priced restaurant for its excellent food.

During the restaurant’s first week of operation, Bea and her husband dined there for the first time.

He also took his family to the restaurant. In addition, reservations were only made for her 30th wedding anniversary at the restaurant. Dancing and delicious food continued into the evening.

However, things were not always easy for the elderly woman.


After a brief illness, the love of his life passed away suddenly less than a year ago. Bea didn’t make it and had a hard time being by herself.

The woman of the week yelled. She was by herself and without company. There was no one with whom to cuddle.

Family and friends watched as the once happy woman became increasingly depressed. She was no longer in the mood for anything. She refused to entertain guests and could barely eat.

However, an unexpected source finally offered assistance.
On the door map, there was a letter.


The staff at the restaurant where she worked every week wrote the letter. Since they hadn’t seen her in a while, they recognized her and offered her free food.

His jovial presence in the restaurant was missed by the staff.

Bea had to make a difficult choice. His first solo trip would be this one. She had never gone out to eat on her own before. However, she had no choice!

She had to make an effort to get herself out of his despair. Additionally, she was certain that observing the restaurant staff would assist her.


In the past three months, Bea’s life has changed a lot, but the restaurant has stayed the same. From the kitchen, she heard and smelled the same sounds.

The widow appeared to have returned home. She sat down in her comfy chair and her table was set for her. She shed a tear as she gazed out the window.

He pondered: ” I’m here.” But then the restaurant’s owner sat down with her. He preferred to remain with her.

He promised her: We won’t leave you because we have known each other for more than 30 years!


Bea had an excellent night. As she interacted with the staff, she forgot about her loss for a while. In the hope of seeing Bea again soon, they assisted her all evening.

Bea made her way slowly but surely out of the deep valley where her husband’s death had left her. She reverted back to the pleasant person she had always been to everyone.

However, just as it appeared as though things were improving, the restaurant experienced an unexpected event.


The restaurant’s dynamic was slightly altered when a new floor manager was hired. Additionally, that man had no concern for the well-being of his employees.

Because he liked to mess things up, he didn’t want to upset the staff. When Bea walked in, she noticed it right away. The mood got worse. Everyone went to work with a sad face because there was no more time for the visitors.

Then Bea came, who was so nice. She sat down at his table, and the servers did everything in their power to get her favorite food as soon as they could. So, how about a brief discussion? They couldn’t, with the floor’s eyes on them.

He looked irate and grimaced as he approached Bea…


He recognized Bea from the workers. And he didn’t see the friendly loyal customer that everyone admired in this situation. On the bulletin board, he saw a receipt. Receipt with encouraging remarks from employees and hearts on it. However, the remaining bill has a receipt!

He ran up to Bea with the receipt in hand and began to criticize her.

“Paying customers are the only ones allowed inside this restaurant. I don’t care if everyone agrees that you’re wonderful. Because you have not paid your bill, I am forced to ask you to leave the restaurant. We are not a nonprofit.

Bea remained silent as she sat still. As she looked at this man, she took a piece of paper out of her bag and wrote something on it. Without saying a word, he slipped it into a black wallet on the table.


The woman’s table had been cleaned by Robin. He began to toss the napkin after putting the cutlery on the plates. However, he noticed the black paperback that Bea had left under the napkin.

Is there a payment on this invoice? Perhaps she simply left the money on the table and left?

Robin took the wallet and looked at it with interest. Nevertheless, there was no money inside.

A note that would have an impact on the lives of every restaurant worker was all that was left.

Robin cried in agony as he tore the note from the black folder.

What just did he read?


A piece of paper with touching text on one side was in the folder: I’d like to say to the staff at the restaurant that I have enjoyed coming here for more than 30 years.

Over the years, everything in the restaurant has changed: The menu has changed hundreds of times and employees have left and returned, but I have never left.

I had many happy times here, but even when things got tough, you were always there for me. I would like to express my gratitude to you by giving you a significant sum of money now that I am old and ill.

On the other hand, my money was written in pencil at the bottom of the check, and the new floor manager hasn’t seen a cent of it. I’ll also call the restaurant’s owner to let him know how I feel about this horrible person.

With shaking hands, the waiter turned the check over and discovered an absurd amount.


The sum of the check was $550. It was given to them by an elderly woman who had been a frequent customer of their establishment for a number of years and wanted to do something kind for the staff members who had always stood by her.

Robin crying and gave to the owner the check because he couldn’t believe what he saw. He had known Bea for thirty years and was aware that he would never again sit at a table.

He was content with the money, but he preferred Bea to be healthy, happy, and able to eat and talk to him because loved ones are worth more than any amount of money.

The floor manager was immediately fired after a brief phone conversation with Bea. Bea was correct: A man like this couldn’t be in the restaurant he’d called home for 30 years.