The farmer acquires a fresh rooster, and it proves to be more than he expected.

The farmer owns 200 hens but lacks a rooster for breeding chicks. In order to remedy the situation, he walks over to the neighboring farmer and inquires about the availability of a rooster for sale.

The neighboring farmer affirms, “Certainly, I have an exceptional rooster named Randy. He will mate with all your chickens without any issues.”

Although Randy the rooster comes with a hefty price tag, the farmer concludes that the investment will be worthwhile. Consequently, he purchases Randy.

Upon bringing Randy to his farm, the farmer places him in the barnyard and initiates a conversation, providing the rooster with encouragement. “Randy, I need you to be mindful of your efforts. You have a considerable number of chickens to attend to, and acquiring you has been a significant investment. Therefore, I expect you to perform well. Take your time, enjoy yourself,” the farmer stated, accompanied by a lighthearted laugh.

Randy demonstrates his comprehension, and as soon as the farmer gestures towards the henhouse, the rooster swiftly dashes towards it. In a remarkable display, Randy successfully mates with every hen in the henhouse multiple times, leaving the farmer astonished.

Subsequently, the farmer becomes aware of a disturbance in the duck pen, confirming that Randy is involved once again. Furthermore, at a later time, the farmer witnesses Randy pursuing a group of geese near the lake. Once more, with a resounding impact, Randy manages to successfully mate with all the geese.

As the sun begins to set, Randy can be observed in the fields pursuing quail and pheasants.

The farmer is deeply troubled, concerned that his valuable rooster may not even survive a full day.

True to the farmer’s worries, he goes to sleep and wakes up the following day only to discover Randy lifeless and motionless in the middle of the yard. Buzzards are hovering above in circular patterns.

Filled with sorrow over the demise of the vibrant and costly creature, the farmer expresses his disappointment by shaking his head and remarking, “Oh, Randy, I explicitly advised you to take it easy. I attempted to urge you to slow down, and now look at the outcome.”

Randy partially opens one eye, acknowledges the buzzards soaring above, and whispers, “Shhh. They’re approaching.”

What a mischievous character!

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