The homeowner gets startled when a gigantic 12-foot python wriggles its way into the toilet

Observing snakes can be captivating due to their intriguing nature and their beauty, yet it is preferable for them to stay in their natural habitats.

I honestly have no idea what to do, thus the thought of a snake entering my home gives me the most anxiety. Imagine a 12-foot-long python suddenly slithering up your toilet.

In fact, something similar happened in Thailand, and images from the incident are now being shared widely online. On March 17, a family in Samut Prakan, Thailand, experienced a horrifying moment when they witnessed a python emerging from their toilet bowl.

Following the distressing incident, a team of wildlife experts was summoned to assist in liberating the 12-foot-long snake that had become trapped within the plumbing of the toilet.

Suwi Paramas, a housewife, was washing her hands after using the washroom, according to News Flare, when a startling scene emerged before her eyes. A giant yellow-green reptile suddenly appeared in the washroom, scaring her to the core.

Suwi fled the room as she was overcome with panic. Her husband and brother-in-law quickly decided that something was gravely wrong after hearing her screams resonate throughout the house. When the family alerted the emergency services, they were rescued.

As shown in the picture, the wildlife team restrained the snake using a specialized tool. The two men made an unsuccessful attempt to pull the python out. Control was difficult to maintain, and things grew worse.

I was terrified. I was unable to even observe how they were capturing the snake.” Suwi said. According to News Flare.

Despite the fact that the snake remained trapped in the u-bend, a curved section of the plumbing, the family gave their consent to break the porcelain basin as a final decision.

But pulling it straight out of the hole was tough due to its large stomach. The wildlife crew had to disassemble the pipeThe homeowner gets startled when a gigantic 12-foot python wriggles its way into the toiletwork and extract the snake from the other side in order to guarantee the safety of both the snake and the plumbing system.

Thankfully, the situation was managed in a professional manner; otherwise, the outcome could have been significantly different. There were no reported mishaps, and the rescuers skillfully extracted the snake with the intention of releasing it back into its native habitat.

I hope that snake remains there in the future. This is not the first time a python has been seen in a Thai restroom; usually, they emerge during the hot season in search of cool, wet places.

There have been several alarming incidents involving snakes in bathrooms. One notable occurrence involved a substantial 8-foot-long python that bit a man on the buttocks before being safely removed from the toilet. In another incident, a 10-foot python that had escaped from a squat toilet bit a Thai man’s penis in 2016, resulting in his hospitalization.

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