The lady quietly leaves the restaurant after her partner asked her to cover the bill.

A lady shared on Reddit that her fiance teased her for earning more, and he insisted she pay the restaurant bill for him and his friends.

She mentioned that she got a 30% raise in her pay, and her fiance started using it to ask her to cover expenses for him and his friends. When she refuses, he brings up the raise, making it seem unfair or undeserved.

After being fooled into paying for meals multiple times, she made it clear before going out that she wouldn’t pay this time. Despite her usual reluctance to say “no,” she told him upfront that she wouldn’t cover their dinner expenses, and he assured her that he would take care of it.

During their meal, her fiance quietly told her she’d be paying again, but she firmly said no. While at the restaurant with his friends, he whispered that she would cover the bill for everything they ordered. Angered, she whispered back a firm “no,” but he counted on her not causing a scene in public, mentioning her 30% raise.

She Upset, she paid her own bill and left without causing a scene. “I was really angry, but instead of getting upset, I waited until the bills came. I paid for my part, excused myself to the restroom, and quietly left, driving home.”

After leaving, her fiance called and texted, asking where she was. She explained the situation, expressing her displeasure at being tricked into paying for their food. She mentioned she went home and then stopped replying to his messages.

Later, she said they argued about it. “About an hour later, he came and started yelling, calling me selfish, irrational, stingy, and childish for leaving him with a bill he couldn’t pay (he had to call his brother for help). We had a loud argument, then he walked out. His friends didn’t say anything to me, but he mentioned they’re disappointed in my behavior and are advising him to take time to ‘reflect’ on the kind of woman he’s going to marry.”

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