The Most Beautiful Gems and Jewels Found on the Earth and the Price They Command

The world of gems and jewels is quite fascinating. There are around 200 varieties of natural gemstones available in the world. It is interesting to know that a few million years could pass for crystals to get shaped by nature and only a handful of those would be found ever and mined accordingly. Precious stones are primarily cut, polished and sold in the market for people to adorn them as jewelry. However, they have other uses as well in different industries. Several factors like rarity, setting, quality and sometimes even politics play important roles in the valuation of gemstones.

 Listed below the five world’s most precious stones recorded in history, which are absolutely stunning in their looks:

 5. Alexandrite

Composition: Aluminum, Beryllium, Oxygen

Alexandrite got its name from the czar of Russia, Alexander II. In 1830, its deposits were first found in the Ural Mountains, Russia. The strangest thing about this gemstone is that it changes colors depending on its exposure to light from red to green. Though this rare stone is believed to be completely mined out, however, records show that it is back in the market of East Africa, Brazil and Sri Lanka for sale.

Market Price: $ 12,000/carat

 4. Jadeite

 Composition: Aluminum, Sodium, Silicon, Iron, Oxygen

 Jadeite has a deep but translucent green color. It is found in Myanmar in limited quantities. This should not be confused with another gemstone known as “jade” as jadeite is far more expensive and rarer than the former. A jadeite necklace was sold for around $ 10 million in the year 1997. An “imperial” jadeite of the highest quality can fetch millions of dollars for each carat when sold after cutting and polishing properly.

Market Price: $ 20,000/carat

 3. Musgravite

Composition: Beryllium, Magnesium, Zinc, Aluminum, Oxygen, Iron

This gemstone was discovered in Southern California in its Musgrave Range in the year 1967. The colors of Musgravite range from greenish gray to the shades of purple. For several years, only eight specimens of this stone were available but recently, Musgravite has been seen in small quantities in Sri Lanka, Greenland, Madagascar, Antarctica, and Tanzania.

Market Price: $ 35,000/carat

 2. Painite

 Composition: Zirconium, Calcium, Aluminum, Boron, Oxygen

It was Arthur C. D. Paine, a mineralogist, who first discovered a unique brownish stone in the 1950s in Myanmar. This went on to become one of the rarest gems on planet Earth. There were only two cut specimens available of Painite, named after the mineralogist, until a few years ago. However, some more crystals of this stone were mined recently.

 Market Price: $ 50,000-$60,000/carat

 1. Pink Star Diamond

Composition: Carbon

Pink Star Diamond is the world’s most precious stone discovered until now. Mined in the year 1999 in South Africa, Pink Star Diamond weighs 59.6 carats and was sold for a staggering $ 83 million by Sotheby. No other gemstone has fetched this price ever. However, the price is quite justified considering it is the most beautiful gemstone you have ever seen and among the rarest as well.

Market Price: $ 1,395,761/carat

The list cannot be concluded without including the next five world’s most precious stones. These are Red Beryl priced at $ 10000/carat, Benitoite priced at $ 3000-$4000/carat, Black Opal valued at $ 2,355, Taaffeite available at $ 1500-$ 2500/carat and Tanzanite costing $ 600-$1000/carat.