The Other Day, A filthy Man Approached me.

A Homeless Man approached me unexpectedly. He was filthy and miserable, and his clothes were torn.

When he asked for $20, I gave him $50. “Thank you very much!” he said. as a response It changed my perspective on homelessness and gave me a fresh perspective.

That day, we talked for a long time, which I really appreciated. He simply smiled and asked me if I remembered him after I told him to take care of me. I didn’t realize at first that he was standing at the bus stop, but then I did.

“We went to high school together,” says Ross.

Ross?! What happen to you friend? Why are you on the street? I remember you as a fighter who once stood up to an attacker and protected me.”

He claimed that everything happened to him. He did everything, including joining gangs, smoking, drinking, having affairs with women, abandoning pregnant women, stealing, and assaulting others.

His children are perplexed as a result. They have no interest in him. He even considered committing suicide twice. However, he now begs for water and food. His tale came to an unfortunate end at that point.

It is tragic to encounter a homeless and hungry person on the street. I ran into Ross as I was leaving for the car and asked for food. Even though I had already eaten, I still wanted to assist him. He told me he was fine and that he had already found enough food for the day with a grin on his face. It made me think about how, despite having similar circumstances, our lives can take such divergent paths. I believe this is because our parents’ choices affect our gift.

My parents weren’t the worst people in the world, even though they were strict. I was required to adhere to schedules and instructions, and there were consequences if I failed to complete the tasks by the deadline.

Ross could play and run around the block as he pleased. I did, regardless of whether I was just a few minutes late or not, and he had no issues if he recognized it. He could also smoke, eat anything, and make fun of the city’s elderly.

I had to drink milk and water and eat a lot of chicken or vegetable soup. I was nervous just thinking about it! Do I speak badly or answer incorrectly?

A smack to the face and a sarcastic look! Thank you, parents! It is not him today because I had the “worst” parents in the world; it’s me!”

Today, I am thankful for my parents. They were loving and firm, which I like. I will always cherish them.