The son discovers his father is being unfaithful to his mother and is uncertain if he should cause destruction to the family by disclosing the information.

A son harbored a concealed truth capable of unraveling his family bonds and shared it on Reddit, expressing his internal struggle with handling the situation.

The young individual witnessed his father diligently looking after his mother and being a fantastic dad to both him and his sibling over the span of their 27 year marriage.

Nevertheless, his perception shifted when he accidentally stumbled upon a conversation between his father and another woman on Facebook, revealing an affair.

Upon departing for college, he made an effort to erase the disturbing memory of witnessing his father’s behavior.

After successfully completing his undergraduate studies, he embarked on his journey through graduate school.

He realized that even after his absence from home for nearly a year, his father’s peculiar actions continued.

He asked to borrow his dad’s phone and observed him disabling data to avoid notifications. As a 24 years old, he grasped that this indicated his father was hiding something.

What are the potential outcomes if he informs his mother about the affair?

The son encountered a challenging predicament. He held deep affection for his father and appreciated his father’s efforts on his behalf. He also recognized his mother’s self-reliance and autonomy.

However, as a 24 year old, he was hesitant to shoulder the burden of potentially fracturing their relationship and leading to divorce by revealing his father’s affair.

From this encounter, he gleaned the lesson that an individual can fulfill the role of a caring parent while simultaneously being an unfaithful partner, yet regardless of his perspective, it led to the disintegration of his family.

The son conveyed that due to his ongoing strong bond with his father, revealing the truth to his mother without discussing it with him first would seem like a betrayal.

Moreover, the situation would have implications for his brother, who had recently secured admission to medical school and remained oblivious to their father’s affair.

The son avoided seeking support from his friends as he feared it might diminish their regard for him. Consequently, he found himself grappling with these contemplations, which also took a toll on his emotional well-being.

However, he recognized the necessity of resolving this predicament. He remarked, “Ultimately, I understand that it’s my responsibility to make the decision that I believe could be the most morally sound.”

What guidance was given to the son?

The initial message from the posters was for the son to realize that he shouldn’t feel responsible for whatever occurs within his family. He shouldn’t be blamed for his father’s actions, such as having an affair.

In a similar scenario, a commentator advised him to inform his mother about the situation to ease the burden of his father’s deceit on his mind. Yet, if evidence existed, some speculated that his mother could already be cognizant of the affair.

Nevertheless, Reddit users stressed the importance of conversing with his father maturely, understanding that not all relationships are perfect. Some felt he might be favoring his father over his mother.

Regardless, online users are urging the son to reveal the concealed truth and liberate himself from the emotional anguish before it worsens.

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