The stepmom shares special wedding promises with her four-year-old, and his response deeply saddens me.

Weddings often make people cry happy tears like nothing else can.

Four-year-old Gage had a tough time dealing with his feelings when his dad, Marine Corps sergeant Joshua Newville, married Senior Airman Emily Leehan in Ripley, New York, a few years ago. It was a lesson he learned the hard way.

Little Gage was managing well until his dad’s bride read vows she wrote just for him. That’s when he couldn’t hold back the tears.

Gage Newville felt really proud standing next to his dad as he promised to marry Senior Airman Emily Leehan.

The four-year-old didn’t know that Leehan had written special promises just for him. When she read them, with everyone already emotional, it became overwhelming for Gage.

As soon as Leehan started speaking, Gage burst into tears. According to the Daily Mail, Leehan began by saying, “I want you to be safe, and to try your hardest, and to be a good person.”

But before she could say more, Gage hugged her tightly, overwhelmed by his feelings.

As expected, the audience let out a sweet ‘awwww’ as Leehan tried to comfort him. She told him, “Don’t cry, baby,” though at that moment, Gage could certainly be excused for letting go of his composure.

Leehan continued, “I also want you to know that you are a special boy. You’re very smart, handsome, and kind to others. You’ve helped make me the woman I am today. I may not have given you life, but having you in my life is a precious gift.”

Not surprisingly, both Leehan and Newville cried as they finished their vows. But Gage stole the show with his adorable reaction, not just because of his handsome suit and innocent gaze during Leehan’s vows, but also for a heartwarming response that’s sure to capture hearts globally.

As reported by ABC7, the newlyweds Leehan and Newville stayed on duty right after the wedding, so they couldn’t go on their honeymoon immediately. Instead, they went back to Joint Base McGuire-Dix-Lakehurst to start their married life.

Anyway, their wedding was really special. You can watch Gage reacting to Leehan’s vows in the video below – better have some tissues ready.

It was a lovely ceremony, reminding us of the strength of love. Wishing Joshua and Emily all the best in their life together.

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