The waiter served a group of teenagers and received only $3.28 in tips. Days later, this note appeared.

Even though many people may argue that the restaurant should pay their servers more money and not put the burden of making up the difference on customers, this practice is still common in many cities in the United States. To make ends meet, servers will work additional shifts or at least a second job.

After serving a group of teenagers on their way to their homecoming dance, a waiter shared a story about how a bad experience turned into a good one.

A waiter served a group of teenagers in Los Angeles on their way to their homecoming dance. When he was a young high school student looking forward to his homecoming dance, the waiter thought back to that time. Therefore, he ensured that the teens had a pleasant dining experience. It was confirmed by the waiter.

The waiter was disappointed to find the teens’ gratuity left behind after serving them; They had only given him a $3.28 gratuity.

The waiter was annoyed that the effort he put into making the teens’ night special went unnoticed because he assumed the group of teens were unappreciative. He assumed so.

The insult was forgotten a few days later, but he was surprised to receive a letter from the teenagers.

“As our own homecoming celebration, three of my friends and I went to this restaurant on October 7—roughly a week and a half ago. Being alone here was an exciting experience, and everything was new to us. Additionally, you were our ideal waiter.You were kind, accommodating, and didn’t treat us like babies. You even accommodated all of my food allergies! Therefore, I wanted to express my gratitude for making our “grown-up” experience so amazing and enjoyable.

In addition, I would like to apologize on behalf of my group. Our 14-year-old minds didn’t quite know how to deal with the bill because we were new to everything. You were extremely helpful in splitting the check and withdrawing our less-than-desirable cash. Although we had completely forgotten (and frankly did not know) what a tip even was, let alone how much to give, the bill was reasonable.

We emptied our pockets, and the total amount of money we had was $3.28. We left, unaware of what we had given you in return for all your hard work, unaware of how insignificant this really was. We were horrified when we realized our error later. We were aware that we needed to fix it.

Therefore, you will find the correct 18% tip and an additional bonus for simply being amazing in this envelope. We are grateful to you for making our night enjoyable and for your assistance. I appreciate it! The four teens who were there that night.

These teenagers not only acknowledged their error but also corrected it, surprising the waiter and expressing gratitude beyond leaving a tip.

Do you remember the first time you ate out with friends without your parents? What was the worst tip you ever received if you were a waiter or waitress?