The wedding is the day two individuals commit to one another, and this wedding is unique.

When the groom announced his love for someone else and called off the wedding, they were in front of the altar. The bride is saying, “My love,…” She was standing there! When they witnessed what the man did, everyone was in silence.

The moment two individuals say “I do,” they commit to one another and begin to envision their future as a couple.

Jefferson and Jennifer, a Portuguese couple, had an extraordinary ceremony for their wedding. The ceremony was about to end when Jefferson entered and stopped the newlyweds. As the situation persisted, the guests and Jennifer both became perplexed. Is this one of those weddings when one participant says they don’t want the ceremony to go on? Was she going to be left at the altar?

No, that was not the reason Jefferson requested a brief vacation. He had another thought when he asked for the priest to pause for a moment.

Giovanna, a lovely 8-year-old girl, was Jefferson’s future wife’s daughter, and as everyone waited for him to make a move, he turned to her and told her he loved her like his own daughter.

“I want to show you how much I care. Giovanna was attentively listening to what her new dad said, and he assured her, “I won’t let you down; I’ll look out for you, keep you safe, and never let you down.

She was so moved by Jefferson’s affection for her and her mother that she grabbed the microphone to express her gratitude.

Those who witnessed the touching incident could not contain the smiles that spread across their faces.

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