The Woman is unaware that her actions were being Recorded. She give her Jacket to the Dog who was shivering.

When the temperature drops, please protect your pets from the cold. Some people are unaware that dogs is like humans too, can catch a cold.

However, some kind hearted individuals shield animals from severe weather. The owner’s amazing dog grooming method was noticed by a passerby, and the adorable photos were shared on Facebook.

Cambridge, Massachusetts, had a windy, cold day last month. Kristina Hollie and a coworker were waiting at a bus stop near Harvard Square.

While she waited, she saw her walking her dog. The stranger chained the dog to a tree in an effort to hurry her to the post office.

However, the dog’s obvious trembling was caused by the bitter cold; consequently, the owner was extremely kind and gave the dog her jacket!

She immediately took off her coat and covered the dog while sitting,” Kristina explained. “Maybe she thought he kicked it, so he bent down and pulled it around him!”

Kristina thanked the woman for taking care of her dog after she noticed the wonderful act. She only said, “Thank you!” in response. “He should not freeze!”

The Pictures were shared by Kristina to the Dogspotting Facebook Group, where they were liked by tens of thousands of people.

The dog was still outside waiting for its owner when Kristina boarded the bus; however, she noticed that he appeared content and warm.

She provided an explanation, stating, “I saw two or three other people walk past him and comment that he looked very cute and very warm.”

We are grateful to this woman for taking care of her dog and keeping him warm!