The world’s most mysterious health benefit can be found in this peculiar-looking fruit.

While en route to Sydney, Australia, a blonde passenger in economy class stands up and proceeds to relocate to the first-class section, taking a seat. Observing this, the flight attendant requests to see her ticket and informs her that she had purchased an economy class ticket, therefore needing to sit in the rear of the plane.

The blonde retorts, stating, “As a blonde, I possess beauty, and I am destined for Sydney, refusing to vacate this spot.” The flight attendant proceeds to enter the cockpit and informs both the pilot and co-pilot that there is a blonde individual in first class, labeled as a bimbo, who should be seated in economy but refuses to relocate.

The co-pilot returns to the blonde and attempts to explain that she must return to her seat as she only purchased an economy ticket. In response, the blonde declares, “I’m a blonde, I’m beautiful, and I’m headed to Sydney, so I’m staying right here.” Concerned, the co-pilot suggests to the pilot that they should have the police waiting upon landing to apprehend this stubborn blonde who refuses to listen to reason. The pilot, however, assures them, saying, “She’s a blonde? I’ll handle this. I understand blondes, as I’m married to one.” He approaches the blonde and whispers something in her ear, prompting her to apologize and promptly move back to her economy seat. Astonished, the flight attendant and co-pilot inquire about the pilot’s persuasive words that effortlessly convinced her to comply. The pilot replies, “I simply informed her that first class isn’t bound for Sydney.”

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