These Five Farmers’ Secrets Will Help You Pick the Best Watermelon from a Pile

What better than a chilled, juicy watermelon on a hot summer day? However, a watermelon may seem perfect from the outside, but be a disappointment when you taste it. If you thought that perfect watermelon is chosen randomly, you are wrong! There are five indications that show you have the perfect watermelon in your hands.

#1 White Spot

White spots, also called field spots, are mistakenly viewed as an indication that the watermelon isn’t ripe enough. In fact, such spots are quite common. They are formed on the side on which the watermelon rests on the ground. Every watermelon has its own field spot and they can range from yellowish to orangish. Choose somewhere in between, the one with a golden spot.

#2 Webs

The bigger the webbing formed on the outside, the sweeter the watermelon on the inside! Webs are formed when bees touch the fruit, i.e. during pollination. More pollination results in sweeter and juicier melon.

#3 Male or Female

Yes, watermelons are divided into males and females. The male ones are elongated and tall, whereas the female ones are rounder. As a general rule, males are less sweet than females.

#4 Big or Small

We usually go for bigger fruits because we consider them ripe by logic. But buying the largest watermelon in the pile doesn’t always mean you have chosen the sweetest one. The rule is — average-sized melons the best ones.

#5 Dry Tails

What really shows the watermelon’s ripeness is the tail. If the tail is green, you can be sure it is not ripe enough. On the contrary, it was probably picked earlier that it should have been. The best watermelons are those with dry tails.
So what are you waiting for? Off to the market to find your perfect watermelon!

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