They Heard A Cry In The Woods And Found A Kid Tied Up. A Note On Her Neck Said Only A Few Words

Her face was already purple from the freezing cold. After they came closer and read the note, their blood started boiling.

This poor little girl in China was tied up to bamboo in a graveyard and abandoned by her own father.

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Apparently, the girl’s parents are busy going through a bitter divorce, and her mother believes leaving their daughter out in the cold was a vindictive act against her.

The little girl was only 2 years old!

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There was a sign around the little girl’s neck, stating that her name is Dian Dian and her mother’s surname is Wang.

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Wang says her daughter was staying with her ex-husband, and that he had wanted to reconcile with her, but she had refused.

Unfortunately, police were unable to track the man down with regards to his atrocious actions, as they can’t find any contact details for him. It is unclear whether Dian Dian will continue to stay with her father.

How can a father do this to his own child?!

Source: Daily Mail


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