They were sitting on a bench when they met a strange little animal that was completely covered in fur.

They were sitting on a bench when they encountered a strange creature that was completely covered in fur, but only lightly. The children wanted to touch what they thought was a harmless insect.

Leslie Howe took her baby and two other children to Gwinnett County Park. A young mother decided to spend a sunny day outside with her children.

However, Leslie could not allow her children to touch the strange creature due to her maternal instincts.

I learned the truth about this strange creature and its danger, so it was a very good choice. Unknowingly, Leslie saved her child from a poisonous bite.

In fact, it was a “worm”. This species is unique because, in contrast to typical caterpillars, it produces venom and can even cause severe pain when touched.
The consequences of a bite from this caterpillar are catastrophic: it makes you feel dizzy and sweat.

Be very careful when you go outside, in parks or other places with a lot of vegetation. If you come across such a caterpillar, do not touch it or don’t let your children touch it. The bite of this insect can cause serious consequences, especially for small children.

From Florida to North Carolina, small children are suffering excruciating pain after coming into contact with the most poisonous caterpillar in the United States, according to news reports. Some liked it; when the caterpillars fell from the trees, they hurt them.

Please share this alert with as many people as possible. It is better to be safe than to risk your children’s health.