Think twice before passing off an old chair. Here are 10 ways to repurpose them

Thrift stores almost always seem to have a ton of old kitchen chairs for sale. It’s easy to look over them if they’re worn or completely outdated, but these DIY projects will change your mindset on these Goodwill finds.
Whether you choose to transform an old kitchen chair into something completely new, or you decide to simply refurbish it and breathe a little life into a tired old piece of furniture, you’ve got to check out these inspiring project ideas!
1. Dog bed
If you’ve got a furry friend in your life, we can’t think of many better uses of an old chair than transforming it into a doggy bed. It’s both functional and cute!
2. Map chair
With a little Mod Podge and a vintage map, you can transform a boring old chair into an inspirational sitting piece for a nursery or living room!
3. Tree bench
This project, from Too Inspired to Sleep, is genius! See how they transformed a set of regular old kitchen chairs into a stunning wrap-around tree bench similar to ones that sell for thousands of dollars!
4. Woven seat
Next time you see a seriously dilapidated chair at a thrift store, pick it up! That’s right – Sincerely Kinsey has a seriously inspiring transformation that’ll make you warm up to even the most sorry looking chairs!
5. Geometric design
If you go ga-ga for modern decor, we think you’ll love these ultra chic chairs that have been given a simple makeover with a little paint. Don’t forget the painter’s tape to get that nice, crisp line!
6. DIY bench
Build your very own bench using two old chairs, some wood and a bit of paint. It’s so simple that My Repurposed Life created a tutorial and claims it is the “easiest chair bench ever”! Try it and see for yourself!
7. Towel rack
If you look closely, can you see the chair? Yep, the seat has been cut off and it was mounted on the wall upside down, creating the perfect addition to a small bathroom. How clever!
8. Porch swing
We love the simplicity of this porch swing made from old chairs. Paint them all the same color, or switch it up with complementary hues to create an eclectic look.
9. Quick upholstery makeover
If the word “upholstery” makes you shutter, fear not. This project is strictly for beginners, but the final result is stunning. All you need is a chair in need of a facelift, a fun fabric, Mod Podge and this tutorial from Designer Trapped to make your very own statement piece chair with a faux upholstery makeover.
10. Chair planter
Breathe some life into an old chair (literally!) by turning it into a planter. Not only will it bring some interest to your garden, but it is a great way to make use of a piece of furniture rather than sending it to a landfill.
Which chair transformation is your favorite? Do you have any thrift store loving friends who would like this project? Share the love and pass along this article!

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