This happens when you take your cat to bed with you. Until now I only suspected, but now science has proved it.


Cat lovers have always known it: cats don’t just make you happier and more relaxed, they can also be really good for your health. And what they’ve instinctively known all along now has some science to back it up. Here are some proven reasons why it’s good to have a cat in your life…

1. Your heart stays healthier

Petting a cat is calming and reduces anxiety. Cats also help to reduce people’s stress levels.

2. Cats provide emotional support

In difficult times, cats can help us deal with strong emotions such as grief. All people surveyed agreed that cats are great listeners.

3. Cats help with dating

90% of women surveyed found that men who had cats were nicer.

4. Cat owners are smarter

On average, cat owners have a higher level of education.

5. Owning a cat is environmentally-friendly

Cats leave a smaller carbon footprint and consume less than larger pets.

6. Cats keep us company

An Austrian study showed that having a cat at home is comparable to living with a romantic partner. Cats don’t forget tenderness and often give it back.

7. Cat owners are more modest

Cats don’t put their trust in people lightly. According to a study, cat owners who enjoy their cat’s trust are more modest and introverted.

8. People who have cats sleep better

Women in particular sleep better with a feline friend in the room than they do with their partner because their sleep isn’t disturbed.

9. Cats protect against allergies

Small children that grow up with a cat in the house develop better immune systems and are better protected against allergies.

10. Cats can save lives

There are many documented cases of cats warning their owners about fires or gas leaks. And because they like to catch rats and other rodents, they help to keep our homes free of pests and the diseases they carry.

Are you convinced? Cuddly and healthy — what more could you ask for? So if you’re interested in doing something good for your health, it might be time to consider a four-legged roommate of the feline variety.

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