This is a list of things that an Oklahoma foster child wants. When we think about how terrible things are for us, we MUST ALWAYS keep the children who miss anything in mind.

Of course, there are days when we all grumble about how difficult our lives are, even if the problem bothering us may not be significant enough to make us feel down and cause us to whine.

Since there will always be people whose lives are harsher than ours, we must be thankful for what we already have before we lose it.

The saddest thing we can witness is the news headlines about the horrible life many children lead. The Facebook page “Dreamcatchers for Abused Children” featured a letter from a young person who managed to touch everyone’s hearts.”

This organisation helps children whose families have mistreated them in various ways.

Inadvertently, parents are abusing their kids all over the world. This group wants to remove the children from their homes and put them in a facility where they can get the love, care, and attention they need.

This is the tale of a little boy from Oklahoma whose biological parents were mistreated. The young child experienced years of beatings and starvation. Heavy drinkers, his parents couldn’t care less about what happened to their son.

Sadly, this man never knew what it was like to grow up happy and be loved and cared for by his family.

After neighbours complained to the police about the parents, the child was taken away by the authorities and brought to the organisation “Dreamcatchers for Abused Children.” His adoptive family was quickly found by the agency, assuring that the boy would finally have a joyful and everyday life.

When he discovered he would have a new family, he messaged his prospective parents. In the statement, the kid expressed his hopes for his adopted family.

Notice is as follows:

“Matters I desire for my family.

I need food and liquids.

Please never beat me again.

I want lights and running water in our home.

I desire love.

Dad and mom won’t ever argue.

Our house is drug-free.

Don’t harm my animals.

Assistance with homework and classes.

nice, spotless attire

No nits. No bugs in the house.

Tidy the house.

It covers a tidy bed.

Do not market my toys.

I wish to receive fair treatment.

Never let your parents drink.

I wish our home had a TV.

I want to keep my school supplies.

lovely shoes

My comb soap lovely home with a safe and a coat warmer.

the toothbrush

We should be grateful for what we have when we see situations like these that other adults and children go through.

Furthermore, we must be conscious of our ability to affect others and seize any chance to lend a hand. We never know how our seemingly small behaviour will affect the individual seated next to us.

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