This is the reality of life, Thoughtful reminder

Most people who tell stories about others generally don’t know the entire story, and don’t take the time find out, or even go to the source to ask. Now they are no longer worty of my time. Please don’t judge from anyone’s past 🌟

Some people have short memories, especially when you are no longer beneficial to them.

There are people who call you there best friend or buddy and turn around when you back is turned and tell others different things and them smile as if nothing is wrong, they are the one you don’t need in your life because life is a battle all by itself.

Sometimes better to wait and speak the truth in private. When you can do that. You could have mutual respects least.

A good, thoughtful reminder to remember and bears taking a look at ourselves, as well as others, sorry to say!!

This is the reality of life. I don’t care about those who talk behind my back be it good or bad. I know I’m not perfect but I believe in being real. The truth always prevails.

Each word has a silent meaning one who walks on that way knows everything perfectly who share others story are only those who don’t have anything good to do, So gossip about others are their only work and then passing to others are their only paid job. You walk your way let others make you famous Who bothers. 😀

People who dont need you. Tell bad story about you. But there is God my best friend forever.

God bless everyone as he is only one no one else and this life is gift of God and he knows everything what’s in heart and mind.

Speak the truth . Don’t fear to speak up.  Some  people talk about others to make them selves look better than others.