I Thought It Was Weird She Put Zip Ties On Her Stroller, But It’s Life Saving [video]

Every mom struggles to get their child around while running errands and doing chores. Options are limited. You can throw out your back using a baby carrier. Strollers can be bulky and inconvenient. But they don’t put as much strain on mom. Besides the effort getting it in and out of the house, strollers are easy – unless you hit a bump in the sidewalk. Then you risk tossing your child out on the concrete. And no one wants that! Thankfully, one YouTuber has devised a method to make strollers much safer – and it’s something you’re going to want to steal. Check out the video below and see what this life hack is!

Thanks to the YouTube channel WhatsUpMoms, we’ve got a bunch of life hacks that can make getting around with your baby much easier than ever before! And these tricks go way beyond upgrading the tread on your stroller tire. Check these out.

If your husband or the babysitter doesn’t remember how to work the stroller, you can use color-coded stickers to label buttons. It can be hard to remember everything that goes into raising a baby – especially when a lot of sleep is being lost. That means no one has to struggle to get the darn thing open or closed. And some strollers are very difficult to operate. Just ask any new mom.

Sick of spilled milk? Cut up an old shoe organizer. Just cut off one or two pockets and attach a Velcro strip to the back. Now you’ve got a sturdy spot to hold bottles in your stroller’s basket. It’s an easy and affordable trick that can make a big difference in how your walks go.

With enough use, the handle will start to tear on your stroller. It’s inevitable but very annoying considering you spend a fortune on the thing. You can quickly fix this eye-sore with some tennis grip. Just tape it up and you’ve got a comfortable and colorful new handle. Voila!

If your stroller gets too heavy when you hang bags onto it, balance it out with some ankle weights. This might sound crazy but as you’ll see in the video it works. Just attach them near the front wheels to keep the baby carriage more stable. Plus, it’ll give you a better workout as you push your baby around town.

Is your stroller’s wheel not getting enough traction? Add some zip ties and cut off the excess. Now your baby stroller can handle as many different terrains as you can. This helps when you’re rolling your baby along on bumpy sidewalks or on gravel.

Want to keep safer at night? Nighttime walks can be refreshing, but they can also be dangerous. Buy a roll of reflective tape and attach pieces to your stroller. You and your baby will be more visible at night.

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