Three Dot Tattoos Are Popping Up All Over. Cops Now Warn If You See One, Get Far Away Fast

Look at people on the street and you’re bound to find gang tattoos. Although you might think gangs are only popular in places like New York City or Los Angeles, the truth is that gangs have infiltrated every neighborhood in America. From Oklahoma to Nebraska to Alaska to Florida, gang activity is up. And you need to increase your knowledge to help keep your family safe and out of harm’s way. Gangs use tattoos as street signs to broadcast allegiance. Learn the following eleven different ones to protect you and your family today!

White supremacists can be some of the most violent people. And they’re often associated with numbers “14” and “88”. When used in a tattoo form, these numbers often identify neo-Nazi prison inmates. The 14 stands for a Nazi quote and the 88this shorthand for HH because H is the eighth letter in the alphabet meaning “Heil Hitler.”

Cobweb tattoos are common on people’s elbows. But they represent a long stint in prison often when gang ties were formed.

Teardrop tattoos are one of the most common found. Meanings for this tattoo change depending on location. Often they indicate a murder committed – often in the name of the gang.

See a five-pointed crown on a man and it probably means loyalty to the dangerous Latin Kings gang. Find a crown on a woman and it often means she is the victim of sex trafficking.

Three dots near the eyes means the “mi vida loca” gang lifestyle. Watch out for people with this tattoo as it means they may be unaffiliated.

Five dots represent hard prison time. Often referred to as “quincunx” the four marks on the outside represent the four walls of the prison whereas the fifth represents the incarcerated inmates. These people are not afraid of their criminal past and are eager to show their prison experience.

The Aryan Brotherhood passionately uses tattoos to signify gang membership. Look for an “AB” tattoo and you’ve likely found a member of the violent gang. Besides the initials, they often turn to clover leaves, Nazi symbols and swastikas to demonstrate their love for the gang.

MS13 is a violent gang. Watch out for anyone with big letters “MS” on their skin. They’re likely part of Mara Salvatrucha gang which is associated with Salvadorian immigrants. They are extremely violent gang members and roam much of the American southwest.

A.C.A.B is a common British tattoo that stands for “All Cops Are B*stards”. You can find this on the knuckles of angry gang members and inmates. They are out for blood for many cops and this tattoo could be coming to America soon with all the anti-cop rhetoric flooding the streets.

Beware of E.W.M.N. tattooed people. This stands for “Evil, Wicked, Mean and Nasty.” And no they aren’t referring to Hillary Clinton. This tattoo signifies a person who has this kind of attitude. They might be willing to do anything to prove that to you as well.

Do you feel more prepare to protect your family from people associated with gangs now?

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