Thugs smash up doctor’s car leaving him unable to reach his sick coronavirus patients

A junior doctor on the frontlines in the war against coronavirus was forced to cancel his shift after finding his car had been smashed up by mindless thugs.

According to the Daily Mirror, Dr. Abdul Farooq, a junior doctor at New Cross Hospital in Wolverhampton, UK, had parked his car close to his house after a shift last Friday night.

However, when he returned to the vehicle after a weekend of being in lockdown at his home, he found his windows had been smashed in by bricks.

Credit – Just Giving / Dr Abdul

For Dr. Farooq it meant that he couldn’t get to the hospital to treat patients – many of whom are suffering form COVID-19. Instead, he was forced to cancel his shift and wait for his car to be towed away.

He explained to the Mirror: “When I saw the car, all I could think about was how I would get to work. If it happened any other day I would have just got it fixed but with everything that is going on with the coronavirus, I just kept thinking, I need to get to work.”

Credit – Just Giving / Dr Abdul

Dr. Farooq, who had to take an Uber taxi to work the next day, continued:

“I am currently working on the surgical wards where many of my patients have covid-19. It was initially worrying for us, because of the unknown.

“I am coming to the end of my first year as a junior doctor so I know how things work but I feel for the graduates coming straight out of med school, who are being thrown into a war zone.”

Credit – Just Giving / Dr Abdul

He reported the crime to the police, but was told that they’re currently too busy to deal with his request. Dr. Farooq is now hoping to obtain footage from security cameras in the area so that the culprit can perhaps be identified.

A Just Giving page has been set up to help the doctor get a new car. It can be found here.

Credit – Just Giving / Dr Abdul

I can’t believe that in such a time people would be committing disgraceful crimes like this. To think that Dr. Farooq is doing all he can to save lives and his vehicle has been targeted by thugs simply makes my blood boil.

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