Toddler brothers found abandoned in trash cans adopted by kind pastor and his wife

Though the vast majority of us will never understand it, there remain people out there who opt to abandon their children rather than love and care for them.

Even so, encountering such people is a rarity – I myself can’t imagine finding a disowned baby, nor meeting someone who has left their little one in the street.

Mark Purcell probably thought the same as me, and yet he ended up with quite the shock one cold November evening a few years back.


Mark was on his way home from the Metropolitan Ministries office in Pasco County, Florida, where he works a executive chef, when he heard noises coming from trash cans near his office.

After going to investigate the source of the noise, Mark found two little boys left in the garbage.

It transpired that the pair were brothers, only seven months and two years old, dirty and dressed in diapers. The boys were children of a homeless couple who had been visiting a local church soup kitchen. As per reports, the homeless family had lived in a tent in the nearby woods, and were unable to put a proper roof over their sons’ heads.

Social services got involved, and the poor family asked a local pastor and his wife from a church group if they could care for the two homeless toddlers. 

Pastor Ronnie Stewart and wife Krystal welcomed the boys with the intentions of feeding them and giving them a place to say. Little did they know they would go on to adopt them.

“We looked at each other and knew that there was no alternative. Of course we said yes,” Krystal told Fox 13 News.

“They were covered in bug bites, head to toe. They were so filthy, that we actually had to bathe, and drain, and bathe again two different times. The toddler who did have shoes didn’t have any socks on.”

It was a daunting task, but Pastor Ronnie and Krystal proved up to it. Not only did they help nurture the boys back to good health, but they ended up adopting them as their own.

“As pastors, we have always tried to help people as much as we can, but this was on another level. It was bigger than us and we knew it,” Krystal said.

See more in the video below:

Today, the brothers are healthy and happy, living with a caring family who will always be there for them.

The world needs more people like this. There are plenty of children who have been brought into the world without anyone who wants to take care of them. 

These children often suffer badly and face a troubled future. Thank goodness this nice couple went out of their way for these innocent boys. 

Please share this story so they can get the credit they truly deserve.

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