Toddler left with nightmares after thug wipes spit on her face and says he “has coronavirus”

A toddler has been left suffering from nightmares after a gang surrounded her and her father and wiped spit in her face, as per reports.

According to the Daily Mirror, a group of youths surrounded three-year-old Alice-Rose Batty and dad Matt on their bikes in Barnsley, England.

When Alice-Rose told them to adhere to social distancing rules introduced for protection from coronavirus, saying “go home because of the nasty bugs”, one boy is allegedly to have spat on his hand and rubbed it into her cheek.

Credit / Matt Batty

Dad Matt, 28, was also spat at during the encounter. He told local source YorkshireLive that Alice-Rose had “woke up crying” that night and that he could feel her heart “pounding through her chest”.

“She told me she was scared about the nasty boys catching her and I’ve had to try and tell her that they’re gone now but she says they were spitting and coughing in her face during her nightmares,” he explained, as per the Mirror.

“As a parent it was heartbreaking to hear and I shouldn’t have to be going into her bedroom to calm her down.”

Credit / Matt Batty

Since the attack, a child therapist has offered to work with Alice-Rose free of charge. Her family are worried after observing several behavioral changes.

“She’s also been letting out signs of frustration so if she can’t do something straight away, instead of asking for help, she will throw it on the floor and walk off,” Matt said. Alice-Rose has also grown to be wary of bikes and is now concerned about leaving the house.

The incident was reported to the police, but they’ve told Matt it’s unlikely the gang of thugs will be found.

“Show yourselves and own up,” he said. “It’s not me they’ve affected – it’s an innocent little three-year-old girl who has lost a bit of her confidence.

“I don’t know whether she has got PTSD or not from this and we shouldn’t have to talk to a therapist.

“I know kids will have nightmares but it’s the same occurring nightmare and they are responsible for that.”

No little girl should be traumatized in such a way. I can only hope the teenagers responsible are caught and taught the errors of their ways.

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