Treat Woman With Respect

Respect whether you mothers, sisters, aunties, grandmothers, because they are all women. Woman should be given a high value of respect at  all times. Without your mother who are not here on this earth.

A man is born through a woman, and he is raised by a woman, and he falls in love with a woman, and he marries a woman. And I am surprised about the man, who doesn’t respect a woman. 

Respect is give and take both equally has to show that kind of humility and exceptional maximum love and respect. 

It’s really true but a man who  don’t respect a woman is not matured. It’s always based on immaturity.

Love should be on an equal basis… Hurting is not love. We have to respect men the same way we want them to respect us. We’re all are equal. 

Woman must be protected any that make woman to cry  that man should and beg God forgiveness of sin.

I see so many mothers who do not respect themselves therefore do not insist or teach respect from their children. Respect is learned, one is not born with it. Boundaries must be set, consequences learned, simply loving a child does not teach respect.