Truck Driver Picks Up Anxious Stray…The Dog Immediately Leads Him To One Huge Surprise!

The thought of traveling cross country sounds very exciting.

We picture ourselves tooling along the highway, seeing things we’ve never seen before, each day a new adventure.

But for long-distance truck drivers, the adventure can easily become tedium.

That’s why driver Dan O’Grady from Akron, Ohio is thankful for one adventure – both incredible and adorable – he encountered on the road.

One day, he noticed a small dog pacing about on the side of the highway.

Something about the little guy tugged at his heartstrings, so at the next exit he turned around and went back to check on him.

When he got out of the truck and got closer to the dog he could see how thin he was. Either he’d been on his own for a while or he’d been in a very uncaring home.

Dan called the dog, but he refused to come to him. When Dan tried to approach him, the dog would turn and walk away towards the woods.

He would stop and look over his shoulder and bark excitedly, which Dan eventually realized was a signal that the dog wanted to be followed.

So, Dan followed him.

Soon after they entered the woods, Dan could see what the dog had been trying to tell him…and he couldn’t believe his eyes!

There, cowering beneath a bush, was a domestic white rabbit. Strangely, it didn’t dart away when the dog approached, and it allowed Dan to pick it up.

The dog followed Dan and the rabbit out of the woods and back to the truck.

The driver loaded them both inside and took off to the nearest town, and he gave the animals the apt nicknames “Interstate” and “Highway.”

He was still a little dazed by his discovery. After all, it’s not every day that a dog interrupts your work to get you to rescue his rabbit friend!

But he knew he had to find a shelter because he wasn’t allowed to keep animals in the truck.

The shelter he finally found agreed to take in the dog, but they couldn’t take the rabbit. But at least that was one animal he’d managed to save!

As for Interstate…

He called his local shelter back home to see if they could take cute bunny, and he smiled when he got a firm commitment from them.

Then he purchased a cage and comfy bedding for the bunny and they began the long journey north.

When the shelter staff saw Highway, they told Dan that it was a good thing he had happened along when he did.


Well, as it turned out, the poor rabbit was badly underweight, and she likely wouldn’t have survived another night out in the woods.

They were so amazed by Dan’s story that it got top billing on their Facebook page.

The shelter folks wanted to be sure that everyone knew about Dan’s Good Samaritan act. And about the odd couple he had gotten to safety.

Once they had checked with the shelter where Dan had left the little terrier they were able to tell him that someone had been approved to adopt him and he was happily ensconced in a great home.

All thanks to one trucker with a big heart!

After Highway the bunny gained a little bit of weight and was given a clean bill of health from the shelter vet, they announced on Facebook that he was ready to find a new home.

Before long, a home was approved for him and he is now a very happy and healthy house rabbit.

No more fears of being abandoned in a dark and scary woods for him!

How wonderful it is to know that men like Dan exist:

People willing to take time out of busy lives to lend a helping hand to those less fortunate.

Here’s hoping the rest of his journeys are safe and uneventful, and that both Interstate and Highway lead long and happy lives thanks to Dan’s intervening at their darkest hour.

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