Trucker urges public to stop stockpiling – ‘Let us catch up’

Officials have said it. Nurses have said it. Mothers have said it, and now truckers are saying it – stop stockpiling.

“If you’ve got to buy stuff, don’t do it every day,” Quinton Pratt, a truck driver told WBIR.

Pratt, who has been a trucker for 20 years, has worked many long hours over the past several weeks trying to keep up with the demand. But there’s come a point where he and his fellow truckers can’t keep up.

“Whenever you have 150,000 trucks delivering every day, if you have a million people buy the exact same thing over and over every day, multiple times a day, we can’t keep up with it.”


Even though the pay is good and there’s no traffic on the roads, truckers like Pratt are missing out on family because they are spending so much more extra time on the road.

“You want to do it on Monday and Friday? Cool. You want to do it on Monday and Wednesday? That’s cool. It doesn’t got to be Monday through Friday and Saturday and Sunday. You know, you’ve got to stay home. Let us catch up.”

So, please, if not for the nurses or mothers or elderly neighbors please stop stockpiling food and supplies. Truckers are doing their very best to get us what we need, but they can only work so fast.

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