The golden honey is extremely beneficial for your health and well-being. According to Ayurvedic experts this combination is more efficient than synthetic antibiotics. It is consisted of turmeric, honey, and black pepper, and this sweet mixture improves digestion and stimulates the growth of friendly bacteria. Moreover, it does not show any side-effects.

This golden honey efficiently kills bacteria and viruses, and enhances the work of the immune system. It has an anti-inflammatory effect which can aid you in soothing seasonal allergy symptoms.

Honey has the ability to kill bacteria, this confirmed by a research released in the FASEB Journal in July 2010. Furthermore, researchers found out that bees produce defensing-1, which is a protein found in honey. When this protein is added to drugs, it can assist in the treatment of antibiotic-resistant infections.

Likewise, laboratory experiments have found that turmeric can destroy bacteria and viruses.

Here below is the recipe for this amazing remedy.

Golden honey

Needed Ingredients:

  • 1 tablespoon of turmeric powder
  • A pinch of black pepper*
  • ½ cup of raw honey

*The use of black pepper raises the bioavailability of turmeric.

Likewise you can add 2 tablespoons of raw apple cider vinegar and a teaspoon of lemon zest to your recipe.

Method of preparation:

Use a jar and place all the ingredients in it, stir well. Then seal with an air-tight container, and leave the mixture to rest for 14 days. However, if it develops an unpleasant metallic taste, discard it.


  • Proper dosage is important for every ailment. Here below are the exact dosages in the treatment of colds and flu:

1st Day – half a teaspoon every hour

2nd Day – half a teaspoon every 2 hours

3rd Day – half a teaspoon three times a day

  • For allergy treatment enough would be 1 tablespoon per day. This amount is also great for boosting your immunity.
  • Half a teaspoon of the remedy three times a day is ideal dosage for alleviating respiratory conditions like asthma, lung issues, and bronchitis.

Leave the sweet mixture to dissolve into your mouth, and then swallow it. You can add it to smoothies or simply spread it on your toast.

Gain all the benefits of this mixture by adding 1 tablespoon of golden honey in a cup of warm water, and then sip it during the whole day.

The Indo-Tibetan medicine suggests different application of turmeric for every separate ailment:

  • In case of throat and lung issues take it before meals
  • For improved digestion, eat it with your food
  • In order to treat kidney and colon issues use turmeric after your meal


Turmeric is a highly healthy spice, but it is not recommended if you experience gallbladder issues, as it contracts the gallbladder muscles. Further on, do not use turmeric if your blood pressure and blood sugar is too low, as it will reduce it even more.

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