Two Guys Risk It All To Finally Get Footage From Inside Abandoned Mansion With 46 Bedrooms

Although the 55-bed and 55-bath mansion near Houston is on the market for $3.5 million, it seems like no one is interested in the long-time vacant property. Because it has been on the market for a while now, this Houston area home seems to be repelling potential buyers interested in the 60,000 square foot floor plan. In the photos below, you’ll get an insider look at the property located at 2354 County Road 59 in Manvel, Texas. Could you see you and your family inside this mansion? Take a look at the photos today!

The home, which is built on large piece of land – that is quite barren, has about as many garages as you could want. Some offer cover from the sparse rains and heavy winds of the Texas location.

When the rains come, the land turns green and can offer the right buyer a lot of space to work with. This would be an appropriate house for someone eager to live off the land and who wants a lot of privacy. The neighbors don’t seem to be anywhere in sight.

The interior of the house is huge. In the entryway, the walls are painted yellow and the floor is still getting refinished. The seller is motivated to get this mansion off the market and into the possession of a new buyer.

Although the house has forty-six beds and baths, the place needs to be refurbished. Renovation work would be required as this Houston area home is not move-in ready. And that fact is distracting a lot of potential buyers. Because the $3.5 million price tag is high for the Texas area (this isn’t Beverly Hills), potential buyers don’t want to pick up a project that they’re expected to finish.

As you scroll through the images, you’ll see that a lot of work still needs to be done. But with that many rooms, you could pretty much turn this blank canvas into the house of your dreams. The buyer needs to have a big imagination to turn this big Texas home into a destination. And as you look at the images, you’ll clearly see all the potential that this place comes with – it just takes a risk taker to turn it into reality.

According to Business Insider, there is a haunting history behind this enormous “house”.

A doctor and his wife began building the mansion back in 2001. It was not meant to be a place to call home for the physician but a post-surgical rehab facility for patients. But they abandoned the project and it is left empty and unfinished.

Although the place is listed for sale by RE/MAX realtor Mona Miller, no one is sure about how many bedrooms and bathrooms it has. That’s because it is unfinished and could have many more if walls are built or knocked down. Some say 46, others say 55, and Miller told the Houston Chronicle that “it’s probably more like 70 bedrooms.”

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