Two Young Boys To Go To The Pharmacy To Buy Tampons, And This Is What They Tell The Cashier

For an impressionable kid, it can be easy to believe everything that’s said on television. More often than not, this can lead to kids asking some questions that might require an uncomfortable explanation.

When this young boy walked into a pharmacy to buy tampons, the pharmacist was baffled as to why he would need to purchase the feminine product. He asked the kid exactly what he needed the product for, and his response was absolutely priceless.

Two young boys walked into a pharmacy one day, picked out a box of tampons and proceeded to the checkout counter.

The pharmacist behind the counter asked the older boy, “Son, how old are you?” “Eight,” the boy replied.

“Do you know what these are used for?” the man continued. 

The boy replied, “Not exactly, but they aren’t for me. They’re for him. He’s my brother. He’s four.” “Oh, really?” the pharmacist replied with a grin. 

“Yes,” the boy said. “We saw on TV that if you use these, you would be able to swim, play tennis and ride a bike. Right now he can’t do none of those things.”

Well, it goes to show that kids take a lot of what they see and hear at face value. Thankfully, this time it had hilarious results!

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