Use Castor Oil And Baking Soda to Heal Your Body Naturally

Our ancestors have been well acquainted with the benefits which castor oil can provide for centuries now. It is truly a potent oil which can be used to treat many health problems, as many as 24 in fact!

There is a plant which is 50% castor oil, and it is called ricinus communis. It offers many benefits thanks to its ricinoleic acids. Would you believe that this oil was used as far back in time as Ancient Egypt?

Its main uses were for purging, beauty techniques and boosting the blood flow. So, in case you have any joint pain, you’d do well for yourself to apply this oil directly on the affected area.

You can use a compress for best application and absorption. It will also improve your body’s circulation naturally. For this method, one needs a gauze (or a simple cloth), a bottle of hot water, baking soda and some kitchen paper.


Your first step is to clean the area with water and some baking soda. Next, soak the gauze or cloth in the castor oil and cover the affected area, then proceed by wrapping some kitchen foil.

Now just place the hot water bottle on the compress and rinse after an hour has passed. Do this each day for forty days.

Such a method can also treat PMS, inflammation, varicose veins, digestion issues and improve the work of your liver.

The 24 Things Castor Oil Can Treat

  • A mixture of baking soda and castor oil can be used for naturally lightening dark skin
  • One can remove any stretch marks by massaging this oil on the area
  • It can heal small cuts, bruises, and wounds. You can also massage this oil into your scalp to promote hair growth
  • It can remove pilonidal cysts
  • To remove any pain from sprained ankles, simply massage it directly onto the affected area
  • You can cure tinnitus by drinking water with 3 drops of castor oil for four months
  • One drop in your eyes can cure cataract
  • Sip 5 drops of it per day for minimizing allergies
  • Rub this oil on your neck to treat any nodules
  • Rub it on your eyelids before sleep to cure conjunctivitis
  • One drop of this oil in your ear can remove any wax buildup
  • Sip two drops daily for getting rid of any alcohol or nicotine addiction
  • Massage your feet to remove any calluses
  • Rub your belly with it to cure diarrhea
  • Both lavender and castor oil can help relax your muscles
  • Apply on your back for any lumbar or cervical pain
  • Try rubbing it on your feet for removing fungi and athletes foot
  • Rub on any warts to make them disappear
  • Rub it on your chest to prevent any snoring
  • Together with baking soda, it can alkalize your body
  • Just one drop of castor oil on any bug bites prevents itching and inflammation

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