What is your vaginal discharge trying to indicate? Doctors reveal 5 identifying characteristics which you must be aware of

The female body is host to a myriad of health issues which vary from one person to the other depending on their age, climate, overall health and vaginal discharge is one the commonest of all. But what if you notice a sudden change in the discharge from your vagina? There are certain ways of decoding your confusion and be alert about your health.

What is vaginal discharge?

It is a very common health condition experienced by every woman during their lifetime. Vaginal discharge is identified with oozing of fluid from the vagina which is a mixture of dead cells and bacteria produced by the glands of the vagina and the cervix. Vaginal discharge also occurs if you are ovulating, breastfeeding or sexually aroused. The purpose of such discharge from your vagina is to keep it clean and prevent it from any kind of infection.

Different types of vaginal discharge and their indication of your health

Although vaginal discharge is not a worrisome issue and it is a sign of good health of your vagina, however, there are some conditions under which your vaginal discharge may show changes in its texture, consistency, odour or colour. Let us have a look when you should consider visiting a doctor to ensure everything is okay:

  1. If it’s clear and wateryClear and watery discharge from the vagina which often resembles the texture of a mucous plug is a normal occurrence in women after a heavy workout. Such discharge is normal at any point of your reproductive cycle and it indicates the normal functioning of your vagina.
  2. If it’s stretchy– Often few days after your period, your vagina oozes a fluid with an elastic consistency which resembles that of egg whites. In most cases such discharge is an indication of an ovulation. The elastic consistency of your vaginal discharge makes it easy for a sperm to travel up to your uterus. You can be certain that your vagina is in perfect health.
  3. If it’s yellow or puss like- If your vagina is oozing a discharge of yellowish or greenish colour and you have an itching or burning sensation in your vagina, it may be a sign of infections like Gonorrhoea or Chlamydia or even an infection of the pelvis. According to naturalantidote, if the consistency of your vaginal discharge resembles that of cottage cheese, it’s time for a call to your doctor.
  4. If there are blood strands- This is called spotting which is experienced by almost every woman who belong to the reproductive age group. Spotting is very common to women who are on pills and the blood vessels are not able to make their way out of their vaginas during the period. However, if this is a persistent problem, you should consult an OB-GYN immediately as it may be a warning sign of cervical cancer.
  5. If there’s a fishy or foul odour- One of the signs of a healthy vagina is its pH balance. As stated in the ethnichealthcourt, if you are suffering from bacterial vaginosis, the pH balance of your vagina is disturbed. As a result, there is a foul or fishy odour in your vaginal discharge. Also, the amount of discharge from your vagina may be more than it is in usual times.

It is always recommended to go for a complete check-up of your vaginal health once a year. In case you find any change from the above mentioned ones, do not wait for consulting a specialist.