When The Vet Sees What Mamma Does For Her Weakest Kitten, He Chokes Back A Sob

A mother’s instincts are remarkable.

A new mom is so in tune with her baby, one might think the two are communicating via ESP.

The same can be said for animal parents, of course, as evidenced by one former stray that’s stealing hearts everywhere she goes.

Summer is a beautiful Calico cat that was rescued from a feral colony when she was just eight months old.

And when she was taken in by Cat Adoption and Rescue Efforts (C.A.R.E.), they found she was very pregnant as well.

At the time, Summer was very shy and often reluctant to get close to anyone. Because of this, the team was a little concerned about how she’d react to her new babies.

But they needn’t have worried. Moms are moms, after all!

Because she was so young, Summer required an emergency C-section so she could deliver all three of her miracle babies.

They all made it and the new mother instantly took to her newborns, without any problems whatsoever.

Perhaps most amazing, however, is how she treated the runt of the litter. The tiny kitten’s name was Splash and he required extra TLC.

Well, Summer was up for that!

She didn’t want the vet to take Splash away for any reason, even to feed her. No, mamma is going to take care of her littlest one!

It was quite the sight, to see Summer and Splash cuddling for all they’re worth…the vet could barely contain his tears.

And who wouldn’t? Is there a more beautiful vision in all the animal kingdom?

A little later, two of the kittens were adopted but Summer refused to be separated from Splash, so they had to come as a pair.

It took a bit longer because of this stipulation but finally, these two found their fur-ever homes as well!

This is a testament to that innate, inexplicable connection forged the instant a little one is born, and it puts a smile on everyone’s face. ?

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