They Wanted To See If Hotels Were Really Changing Dirty Bedsheets, So They Set Up An Ingenious Test!

It’s a question that most people are often left wondering when they arrive in a new hotel room: Do hotels really change the bedsheets before new guests arrive? Or, do they reuse them several times? Inside Edition wanted to find out, so their investigate team set up a simple yet ingenious test.

The team booked themselves a total of nine hotel rooms to serve as a test group. Each time, they sprayed a harmless, washable fluorescent paint onto the sheets, using a stencil that read “I Slept Here.” It’s impossible to tell if anything is written there unless you use a special UV light.

The next day, the team booked the exact same rooms under different names to see if the sheets had been changed overnight. They also made sure to make it obvious to hotel maids that the beds had been slept in. But what they uncovered was disgusting, to say the least.

Does this make you feel less inclined to stay in hotels?

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