Everything was going good, until my parents told me that I was neither a man, nor women and not even a part of this society. This day changed my life, my parent’s reaction was getting worst day by day and the only thing left was hatred for me,

and one day my parents told me to leave the house.

Once I stepped out of my house, it was way too difficult for me to face the society, where thousands of questioning eyes staring at me. I found myself in savage, barbarous, homicidal, grievous and devilish people surrounding me. It was the moment I should be committing suicide. Many days passed with critical and unendurable Circumstances .

The only way to ease myself was to departure from life. But I decided to be a person with optimistic spirit, because this was the only way to get rid of my misery, soreness and torture. I started finding work, so that I will be capable to continue my studies. I danced at different occasions to earn money and started studying privately.

By the grace of God I was able to complete my studies even masters, and came with that auspicious and sanguine spirit. My life took a turn again, I was an educated person like others, and was strong enough to face such an abhorrent and depraved society. I left dancing and started working on my own proving the society that no one is deficient and unachievable. I feel sorry for people with trivial and balderdash thinking, as no one knows that he/she is going to wake up as a transgender. Only the message I want to give my society is to change this thinking about Transgender, We want some veneration and consideration. To be a part of this federation, where we can live without any agony and afflict and considered to be humans with equal rights and esteem. MORAL; We all are humans and are a part of this society.

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