We Learn to Respect Each Other

We don’t always have to agree with one another but it’s important that we learn to respect each other. – Rubyanne

It’s a two-way Highway, but if they show no respect, don’t lower yourself to their level.

Respect is so important!  Parents need to take this to heart, and teach their children respect.  We don’t have to agree, but we should be able to respect another’s opinion, whether we agree or not.  There was a time when we could discuss and we didn’t always agree and that was okay.  Sometimes we learned something new from that person we didn’t necessarily agree with.

I can’t necessarily have respect for people with certain beliefs. But I still will always treat them respectfully and with dignity, value, and kindness. 

We don’t have to like each other, have the same beliefs, have the same lifestyle, religion, colour of our skin….but we should all respect each other….